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Invest in Boxabl for Accredited Investors

Factory promised, factory delivered.

In 2020 we started raising money from investors to build a new type of house factory, we did just that. We turned on Factory-1 and Factory-2 in record time… and now we have shipped hundreds of houses.

We have proven our ability to execute, and now we want to take things to the next level by building a "Boxzilla Factory" the world's largest and most advanced housing factory

Most car factories like Ford or Tesla build one car per minute. Isn't it time we do that for houses?

Boxabl technology can make that possible. We are now seeking to raise $1 billion dollars to make upscale housing affordable for everyone.

Do you want to invest?

Do you want to invest? Boxabl is selling private shares in our company today. In the future we intend to go public through IPO, SPAC, or direct listing.

Shares in the company are priced as follows.

Investment Level Price Per Share
$10,000 $0.76
$100,000 $0.72
$1,000,000 $0.68
$10,000,000 $0.64
$100,000,000 $0.60

Our traction

  1. 160,000+ people reserved Casitas representing over $9bn in potential revenue.
  2. Factory-1 operational and shipping houses!
  3. Factory-2 is built and we are moving in…
  4. A building system that goes far beyond Casita… Our room module system will be able to build most building types on most of the planet. Think legos that stack and connect to build single family or apartment buildings and much more.
  5. Raised over $140m total from 40,000+ investors to fund factory expansion.
  6. Huge social impact, potential to improve the quality of life for billions of people.
  7. Guided by Volkswagen Group's Porsche Consulting Inc. for the design and implementation of Boxabl's new factory
  8. System protected by 63 patent filings and growing.
  9. Potential to disrupt a massive and outdated trillion dollar building construction market, starting with the rapidly growing USA Accessory Dwelling Unit market.
  10. Completed production of initial order to deliver 156 houses to the United States Military.
  11. Strategic partnership with the largest home builder in the USA DR Horton, includes investment, pilot order, and other support.
  12. Currently in planning stages for the BOXZILLA factory… this is planned to be the largest and most advanced house factory in the world.
  13. Already built 300+ houses!

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  • $140+ million dollars raised
  • 40,000+ investors